I am the published author of children’s books, short stories, and women’s fiction. My early work was published under the name Jean Harmeling. Currently, I am working on a creative non-fiction book.

If you’d like to know more about my children’s books, check out the following titles.

The Potter of Charles Street

1990 Winner Campus Life Editor’s Choice for Fiction, by Jean Harmeling

A coming of age novel about a young girl trying to cope with her dysfunctional family on a small island north of Boston during the 1960’s. When her best friend’s father is killed in the Vietnam War and moves away, Eve finds help and friendship from a potter who shows her the mystery of creating beauty from a lifeless lump of clay.

“Beautiful. Captivating. Poignant. A lovely coming of age tale.”
— goodreads.com
Available from Amazon.com AbeBooks.com

The Incredible Will of H.R. Heartman

By Jean Harmeling

Young Timothy is astonished to be told he is the heir to a mystery fortune. But first he has to prove he is worthy by taking twelve polaroid pictures of an ancient text, “For everything there is a season…” In the meantime, just who is H.R. Heartman?

“…a serial-story excitement, with a random salting of the mystic.”
— The New York Times
Available from Amazon.com AbeBooks.com

Dogwood Stew and Catnip Tea

By Jean Harmeling

Annika Anderson is horrified when her eccentric grandmother moves not only into the family home, but into her bedroom! She begins a campaign to oust her that only backfires until she and Granny Greengloves discover they have a few things in common.

Available from Amazon.com AbeBooks.com

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