Jean Stephenson

Hello! I’m Jean, an American writer living “across the pond” in Cambridge, England. If, like me, you enjoy a change of view, come join me on my journey.

Stepping outside my own shoes has taken me a lot of different places. A new perspective will also take you deeper in faith, soul, and knowledge.

There’s been a lot of fun along the way as well.

Expect the unexpected.

The best journeys are the ones that surprise you.

Wherever this journey takes us, I promise you spires of joy and inspiration. Come on board by signing up to Jean’s Blog. Only mind the gap—I don’t post every week. And leave your shoes at the door.

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Retracing Your Steps–How to Rediscover Joy


Remember scavenger hunt parties?

They were always my favourite. You were given a list of things to find, then were let loose to run all around the neighbourhood trying to hunt them down. Things on the list were either objects you might find on the ground or something you had to procure by knocking on strangers’

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The Locked Room–Renewing Your Mind in a Season of Doubt


Many of us have been there–in that dark, shadowy room with the curtains drawn and the door locked. We no longer trust who or what we once believed to be trustworthy. So we lock ourselves in. We doubt.

Ten men sit huddled in this airless room.

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Beating the Lockdown Blues…Again…and Again

It’s Groundhog Day…again. Ever see the movie? Bill Murray gets stuck in a time warp where every day is the same day–Groundhog Day. The alarm goes off and it’s still Feb. 2nd, the day in America where groundhogs check out their shadows to see whether spring is on its way…or not.

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The Advent of Donkeys–and Other Seasonal Tails

Have you run out of steam with this Covid thing? Let’s talk about something else.

Like how well Thanksgiving and Advent Sunday go together. Thanksgiving is an American holiday, of course, celebrated the last Thursday of November. Advent Sunday usually comes at the end of Thanksgiving weekend but tends to get lost in the huge American rush to get home from all the feasting and football.

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