The SBIFF (Santa Barbara International Film Festival) Jury Prize for the online College Showcase was awarded to Lyndall’s film NOMAD.

The only reason there was an online showcase was because COVID-19 prevented student film projects from being viewed otherwise. Through being shown in an online showcase by the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, students have been given unprecedented recognition for their creative work in film.

I see God’s hand stirring the pot here. He cares about our creative spirit. He cares about forgotten dreams. He cares about forgotten women. I learned so much living in Mags’ shoes for one day. So many women are broken by lost dreams and as a result, withdraw from the world.

But our dreams matter to God. For us older women, it’s easy to think the time of dreaming is long over. But not so. Lost dreams can become a creative powerhouse inside of us. We have a lot to give still. Let God redirect those lost dreams and create new ones.

Even in the midst of a global pandemic.

View Nomad at sbiff.org/Nomad