Jerusalem–A Journey of Light in the Time of Corona


So much for Winter blues. Now we’ve got Corona blues.

Here in the UK this week, we are finally going into mandatory lockdown like the rest of the world.

Earth Son is under lockdown in Jerusalem. Three weeks ago, just before Israel closed its borders,

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Winter Blues (and 10 Ways to Beat Them)

Feeling the winter blues?

I get them every year. I am a California sunshine girl living on the rainiest, boggiest, dreariest “Mud Island” on the planet. My winter blueness begins in January and lasts until the daffodils erupt in their blaze of glory sometime in March.

(This picture is me playing Mags the Homeless Woman in my upcoming film debut.

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Tea Bus Birthday

Fancy a trip to London?

If you’re looking for that extra special something to make your London visit memorable, look no further than the Brigit Bakery afternoon tea bus tour. My friend Suzanne and I booked this for my birthday four years ago. Since today is my birthday and this was my very first blog post,

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My Phobia

How do you face fear?

I fear spiders. Funny noises in the house at night. Something bad happening to my children. Failure.

I don’t face any of these fears particularly well. Especially spiders.

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In Search of Earth Son– The Adventure Begins!

Earth Son has gone walkies again. This time he’s in India and I’ve decided to go find out what he’s been up to, like why is he dressing up as a bush. More recently, he was seen chatting to monks on the Tibetan border in a place so remote it could be a stand in as a backdrop to Star Wars.

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I’ve been away for a little while, travelling, writing, and thinking a lot about significance. I’d love to start a conversation with you about this word. How do you define significance? Who are the people who model significance to you, and how are you consciously (or unconsciously) pursuing significance in your own life?

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I went for a walk in the Oregon rain today and got refreshingly drenched.  I am not normally a rain walker; English rain just makes me shiver.  But there’s been a lot to process from the past few weeks and I can highly recommend a brisk walk in the rain for clearing one’s head.  

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Three Billboards and a BAFTA

Seen any good movies lately?  If you’re a cinephile like I am, there are a lot of reasons to love cinema now that it’s awards season and the English weather has been sensationally awful!  The red carpet rolls out for Oscar in Hollywood on Sunday, the 4th March.  

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10 Ways to Beat the January Blues

Thank goodness January is over!  However, judging by the sound of rain and wind outside, not much has changed!  I don’t know about you, but if you live in northern climes like I do, January is wipe-out month.  Those January Blues hit me every year.  In Narnia terms,

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Merry Christingle — It’s an Orange World

Does the word orange mean anything to you?  Does it alarm you, raise an eyebrow, make you smile?  Orange signifies all sorts of things, whether it’s the fruit, colour, or the name of a county south of L.A.  But there’s something about Orange that defies definition.  There’s something about it that says,

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